I currently work for Arkadium as a UX Designer for games.

I've been having lots of fun building the best experiences for our games and website.

Life as a Product Designer

Life as a Product Designer


I worked for Farfetch as a Product designer for back-office tools. I was also heavily involved on the Design System team and in the Documentation guild.

I worked for critical systems as the UX Designer for a water management system and an innovative learning and testing tool for smart meter communication. I was also the editor of the UxD Critical Software online publication.

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🌞 In my free time I like to learn and have fun:

  • I write stuff, mostly I write about 🎮 Game's UX - UX reviews with redesigns of UI elements (and other stories about games and UX), published by the videogame magazine SUPERJUMP

  • Practice Yoga and Tai-chi

  • I play video games and D&D

  • Draw/paint and try do to ceramics

  • Learn Japanese

Constructive feedback

Constructive feedback